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In-Context and Power User Interfaces: One for the Sale, the Other for the Content Manager

A dirty little secret in the CMS industry is that, while in-context editing is often what sells a CMS, the “power user” interface is usually what winds up getting used after implementation. This phenomenon obviously creates problems in the selection process because, when the …

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Designing for Drupal

Nica Lorbor, from Chapter Three, has a great post on their highly optimized Drupal design process. In the article, Nica shows how they start from a Drupal template that has roughly 25 common named elements (some native Drupal, some not) that can be styled …

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Presentations from the Boston Gilbane Conference

I am catching up from a whirlwind of activity at the Gilbane Conference in Boston this week. I gave three presentations (below), organized a breakfast for open source CMS software executives, and had a great time talking with so many industry friends. It …

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When it is not all about the software

When I help companies through a CMS selection, I focus on the whole solution rather than just the functionality of the software. Factors such as vendor compatibility and expertise availability (internal and external) also affect the sustainability of the solution &mdash sometimes even more …

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Deane Barker's tips on requests for proposals

While it may seem counter-intuitive to listen to a supplier telling you how to buy, you should definitely read Deane Barker’s article “Five Tips to Getting a Good Response to a Content Management RFP.” Deane is a co-founder of Blend Interactive, a web design …

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Should you host your intranet and corporate website on one platform?

Often times by the time a client gets to finding me, they have reached a point where they are ready to throw away their entire web infrastructure: both their corporate website and their intranet. They hope that one well executed product selection can solve …

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The world's worst WCMS

I just read Philippe “@proops” Parker’s tweet:
there’s no “best” wcm, says @jarrodgingras, but is there a worst one? #fixwcm
My 140 character or less answer is “No” but I have more to say so I will elaborate here….
There is no worst WCMS. In fact, I …

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The J. Boye Short List

Today J. Boye posted a shortlist of vendors that “you should always consider” when selecting a web CMS. While many will take issue about what products were included or excluded from the list, what surprises me the most is that they published such a …

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Dimensions of Success (or Ways to Fail)

While most of my consulting work is in product selection, I think the most interesting and rewarding type of project is evaluating the results of a CMS implementation. The typical scenario is that a client feels like their CMS project didn’t yield the expected …

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Fixed bid implementation work: a marriage made in Vegas

Most of my CMS selection clients are not just looking for software. They are looking for a solution that includes software and also a hefty dose of services to configure, customize, train, and support. Typically, once we have narrowed down to a short …

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