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Flexibility. It’s a matter of perspective.

In my many years of collecting requirements for content management systems, I can’t think of a single project where the word “flexibility” wasn’t on the initial list of requirements. This “requirement” seems harmless enough. What could be wrong with the system being flexible? …

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Drupal not listed as an alternative to WordPress

Anthony Myers (@xanthonysfx) , from CMSWire, recently posted an article listing “Five Alternatives to WordPress.” His list was really interesting. First, he openly left off Drupal, putting Plone there instead. I really like Plone but I would have to say that …

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Hosting a CMS Panel at CMS Expo

On May 8th, I will be hosting a panel at CMS Expo called “CMS Review – Compare CMSs For Web Design Studios & Development Firms.” The panel is designed to help web design and development shops build their CMS portfolios. Selecting the right …

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Digital Asset Management: Inventory or Production?

I have been doing a lot of work in digital asset management (DAM) over the past several months. One thing that strikes me about digital asset management software is that a majority of the market focuses on solving the problem of organizing and finding …

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CMS Selection Workshop Handout Published on Scribd

I just published my CMS Selection Workshop handout on Scribd. The handout contains:

Examples of how to specify content types

Example usage scenarios

An example RFP table of contents

An example vendor demo agenda

CMS Selection Handout(function() { var scribd = document.createElement(“script”); scribd.type = “text/javascript”; scribd.async = true; scribd.src …

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Why CMS Implementations Are Getting More Expensive

Adriaan Bloem is starting to hear both customers and vendors estimate implementation costs to be 7-8 times software licensing costs. That is a big increase over the old budgeting rule of thumb which was 4-5 times licensing fees. I am not saying that …

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CMS Selection Checklist

A few days ago, I was asked by a potential client to provide documentation on my CMS selection process. As readers of this blog know, I write a LOT of articles on the various aspects of selecting a content management system. Probably the …

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Publishing to mobile is more execution than platform

Mobile publishing functionality is becoming an increasingly important requirement for web content management (WCM) selections and I am starting to hear more customers ask “can this product do mobile?” The fact is, most WCMS have that core functionality built into their DNA since multi-format …

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The Risk of Static-ness

The Real Story Group recently published an interesting diagram showing one of the ways that their 2011 Web Content Management report views the marketplace. Overall, I really like the approach of looking at the dual dimensions of the product and the supplier and it …

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CMS Pricing

Over the years, I have had a number of really interesting discussions about software pricing with both vendors and customers. Pricing software (be it a license fee, an annual subscription price, or whatever other source of revenue) is a complex problem on both sides …

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