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How to have success with technical freelancers

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to work with some excellent technical freelancers. These relationships have been both professionally and personally rewarding. However, I also understand that for every one freelancer success story, there are many disasters. In fact, as a consultant, …

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Diving into the talent pools

Even in this down economy, finding technical talent can be extremely difficult. Résumés are worthless. It comes down to this: programming is a craft but we don’t get to see the craftsmanship and creative process when we hire programmers. At least not before we narrow …

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Website Product Manager

I often tell my clients that every website needs a “product manager.” This is the person who ensures that the website is meeting the needs of the customers (the audience). A product manager understands the customer and prioritizes the enhancements of the technical …

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Communicating Across the Techno Gap

You have probably heard people talking about “dotted lines” in organizational charts. That is when someone has partial accountability to someone other than his direct manager. An org chart notation that I would really like to see is a “flashing red” line. …

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CMS Business Case

There has been an enormous amount of writing and discussion about building a business case for a CMS and I don’t have much to add other than to say that most of what I have heard is totally wrong

The conventional approach to the problem …

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