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Keeping Django Settings Generic

Warning: Geeky Coding Post
I have worked on a number of Django projects and is always a problem. This is the configuration file with information like how to connect to the database and what Django apps to install. Some of this information is …

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The Placeholder Application Controller Pattern

One of the main benefits of using a coupled (aka “frying”) web content management system (WCMS) is that you get a web application development framework with which to build dynamic content-driven applications. Like nearly all modern web application development frameworks, a coupled CMS provides …

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Comparison Between Drupal and Django

This article comparing Drupal to Django is pretty old but I just noticed it. There is a nice summary in the conclusion:
Drupal represents a middle ground between framework and CMS that we’ve chosen not to take. Drupal is far more capable than a CMS …

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Django Action Item Follow Up

While moderating a comment on my “10 Django Master Class action items” post, I was inspired to evaluate how I am doing on these action items and whether they are helping. Below is a brief summary of my progress; but first a little background. …

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The Onion’s Migration from Drupal to Django

There is a great Reddit thread on The Onion’s migration from Drupal to Django. The Onion was one of the companies that I interviewed for the Drupal for Publishers report. One of the things I mention in the report is that The Onion was running …

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10 Django Master Class action items

Edit: I wrote a follow-up post describing how I was doing with these action items. Enjoy!
A couple of weeks ago I attended Jacob Kaplan-Moss‘s Django Master Class in Springfield, Virginia. It was a great class and I walked out with a bunch of …

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Attending Django Master Class

I am looking forward to attending a Django Master Class, taught by Jacob Kaplan-Moss, on October 16th in Springfield, Virginia. I have been building a prototype application for a client in Django over the last couple of months and have been very impressed with …

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Book Review: Django 1.0 Template Development

I just finished reading Scott Newman’s book Django 1.0 Template Development. This is the second Django book that I have read (the first was The Definitive Guide to Django
) and I am very impressed by the number (and quality) of Django books that …

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