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Legacy reports available

If you read Content Here through RSS or just follow links to individual articles, you may have missed my new publications page. In addition to listing some articles that I have published on other sites, the publications page now includes reports that I used …

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Jeff Potts strikes out on his own with Metaversant

My friend and former Optaros colleague Jeff Potts recently announced that he has left Optaros to form a new company called Metaversant. Jeff was Optaros’ superstar Alfresco guy. He put Optaros on the Alfresco map and contributed to the Alfresco community by writing …

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Hints of change at Alfresco

I am beginning to see hints at serious changes happening within Alfresco. Historically the company has essentially operated as a commercial software company with a closed development model (that is, an internal opaque development team) and an open source version that was treated like …

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New Alfresco Review

I am pleased to announce an updated version of my Open Source Web Content Management in Alfresco report. The report evaluates Alfresco Enterprise 3.1’s WCM capabilities for both traditional web publishing and as a framework for building dynamic web applications. Like all Content …

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Jeff Potts explains the difference between Alfresco's DM and AVM Repositories

Jeff Potts has written an excellent article explaining the functional differences between Alfresco’s two different repositories (the original DM and the WCM). The enclosed chart is a useful cheat sheet that belongs on any Alfresco developers cubicle. Nice work Jeff!
For those of you …

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Jeff Potts recently announced the general availability of an integration between Drupal and Alfresco. The integration uses CMIS and could potentially connect Drupal to any CMIS compliant repository. While I would call this type of Drupal configuration experimental (that is, don’t try to …

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