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First Principles of Content Strategy

Every organization should have a good hard look at their content strategy and bring in help if they need it. However, doing any kind of content strategy work (using external or internal resources) is a waste of time without first establishing a solid foundation.

Your …

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Nuxeo Core moving to Eclipse

I have been thinking a lot about Nuxeo’s recent announcement that it is contributing Nuxeo Core to the Eclipse Foundation. First, I agree with Josette Rigsby’s observation that this move could make Nuxeo the JackRabbit of CMIS. JCR watchers probably remember that Day …

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Comparison Between Drupal and Django

This article comparing Drupal to Django is pretty old but I just noticed it. There is a nice summary in the conclusion:
Drupal represents a middle ground between framework and CMS that we’ve chosen not to take. Drupal is far more capable than a CMS …

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