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11 Content Management Wishes for 2011

I don’t generally write (or even read for that matter) upcoming year prediction posts. They seem more for the benefit of industry watchers than practitioners in the trenches. This, I know: some vendors will flourish; others will get acquired; early adopters will believe …

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Content Modeling: People Names

My general advice for content modeling is to structure things as much you can without annoying your editors. More structure means more re-usability because presentation templates have more control over what to put where. A good example is names of people. If …

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Jackalope: A PHP Port of the JCR

Kas Thomas (from Adobe/Day) writes that a PHP port of the JCR (called Jackalope) is near completion. A big part of the project was to translate the JCR specification (which, like Java, is statically typed) to PHP’s dynamic typing model. The result is a …

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