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Why CMS Vendor Acquisitions are Bad for Customers

It just occurred to me that my recent quotes on Fierce Content Management make me sound like the Statler and Waldorf of the content management industry. I really don’t mean to sound so negative but, from where I sit, software company acquisitions are nearly …

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NoSQL Deja Vu

Around thirteen years ago, I helped build a prototype for a custom CRM system that ran on an object database (ObjectStore). The idea isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds. The data was extremely hierarchical with parent companies and subsidiaries and divisions and …

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How I use Twitter for Work

Publishing Decision Tree V2

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I just read Philippe Parker’s thoughtful response to Janus Boye’s provocative post “How I use Twitter for Work”. Both these articles, plus my recent experience at PodCamp Western Mass, made me a little more conscious of my strategy …

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Does "Intranet" Need a New Name?

James Robertson has an excellent post, Future principle: it’s more than the intranet, where he summarizes a movement to replace the term “intranet” with a word that reflects what an intranet could be. To quote:
There are some that would like to dump the “intranet” …

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The Dead Zone of Software Pricing

A couple of weeks ago I subscribed to the Lean Startup Circle mailing list and I have been thoroughly enjoying the conversation ever since. If you have any entrepreneurial sensibilities lurking inside you, I highly recommend that you subscribe. The list participants have …

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Developers and Designers

A few months ago I read Lukas Mathis’ through provoking essay “Designers are not Programmers” where he makes the case for a separation between designers and developers. To summarize his argument, thinking about implementation details distracts the designer from the user and results in …

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The Myth of the Occasional CMS User

Not long ago, a university hired me to evaluate their CMS implementation. They were having doubts about their CMS selection because the implemented system was not living up to the lofty promises that got them the budget for the project. It turned out …

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In-Context and Power User Interfaces: One for the Sale, the Other for the Content Manager

A dirty little secret in the CMS industry is that, while in-context editing is often what sells a CMS, the “power user” interface is usually what winds up getting used after implementation. This phenomenon obviously creates problems in the selection process because, when the …

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