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Designing for Drupal

Nica Lorbor, from Chapter Three, has a great post on their highly optimized Drupal design process. In the article, Nica shows how they start from a Drupal template that has roughly 25 common named elements (some native Drupal, some not) that can be styled …

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CMS Architecture: Managing Presentation Templates

Another geeky post…
In my last post, I described the relative merits of managing configuration in a repository vs. in the file system but excluded presentation templates even though how they are managed is just as interesting. Like configuration, presentation templates can be managed in …

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CMS Architecture: Managing Content Type Configurations

Warning: this post is highly technical. Non-programmers, please avert your eyes.
Deane Barker (from Blend Interactive) and I have a running conversation about CMS architectures. One of the recurring topics is how content models and other configuration is managed. There are two high-level …

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Writing Titles for SEO

SEO Unfriendly Pithy Titles

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Normally I don’t worry too much about search engine optimization when I write blog posts. My writing is as much for organizing my own thoughts as it is to drive site traffic. My philosophy on search engine …

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The biggest thing since wood pulp

One of my favorite podcasts, Planet Money, recently did a segment on bias in journalism. Apparently, back in the 1870’s, most newspapers were blatantly affiliated with a political party. In fact, their bias was openly stated in their mission statement and it was …

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Community Development

I have finally gotten around to reading Clay Shirky’s excellent book Here Comes Everybody. I love Clay’s writing style and the way his perspectives make me think. One of the points that really resonated with me was about open source. But before …

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Happy New Year!

Thank you to all my clients, colleagues and readers for making 2009 another great year. I wish you all a healthy, fulfilling, and prosperous 2010!

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