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How much technology ownership can you outsource?

Over the past few years we have witnessed the transfer of website ownership out of the technology organization and into the department that owns the information. This has been a positive trend. While technology is certainly necessary to run a website, what makes …

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When it is not all about the software

When I help companies through a CMS selection, I focus on the whole solution rather than just the functionality of the software. Factors such as vendor compatibility and expertise availability (internal and external) also affect the sustainability of the solution &mdash sometimes even more …

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Deane Barker's tips on requests for proposals

While it may seem counter-intuitive to listen to a supplier telling you how to buy, you should definitely read Deane Barker’s article “Five Tips to Getting a Good Response to a Content Management RFP.” Deane is a co-founder of Blend Interactive, a web design …

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Nadav Schreibman just commented on my post “Is Drupal the right platform for” to say that is now running on Sharepoint. I was pretty shocked when I read the article and had to check the source on the site. Sure enough, …

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Hints of change at Alfresco

I am beginning to see hints at serious changes happening within Alfresco. Historically the company has essentially operated as a commercial software company with a closed development model (that is, an internal opaque development team) and an open source version that was treated like …

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Should you host your intranet and corporate website on one platform?

Often times by the time a client gets to finding me, they have reached a point where they are ready to throw away their entire web infrastructure: both their corporate website and their intranet. They hope that one well executed product selection can solve …

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The world's worst WCMS

I just read Philippe “@proops” Parker’s tweet:
there’s no “best” wcm, says @jarrodgingras, but is there a worst one? #fixwcm
My 140 character or less answer is “No” but I have more to say so I will elaborate here….
There is no worst WCMS. In fact, I …

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10 Django Master Class action items

Edit: I wrote a follow-up post describing how I was doing with these action items. Enjoy!
A couple of weeks ago I attended Jacob Kaplan-Moss‘s Django Master Class in Springfield, Virginia. It was a great class and I walked out with a bunch of …

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Should we start listening to Gartner now?

I just read Matt Asay’s article “Time to upgrade upgrade open source perceptions of Gartner” where he gives Gartner credit for finally getting open source. His point is that Gartner has stopped steadfastly arguing that open source’s impact was negligible. On that point, …

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