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Social media, where you can stick it

Social Media Publishing Decision Tree

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As I mentioned before, I use many different social media services for different purposes. I realized that I have been unconsciously operating an elaborate decision tree of what to post where. On a whim, I tried …

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CMSWire Open Source CMS Survey

CMSWire and Water and Stone are conducting a survey of open source CMS users and implementers for an upcoming report on Open Source CMS Market Share. I don’t generally put much stock in CMS popularity contests because they tend to favor products that address …

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The CMS Decorator Pattern

Web content management systems are very good at capturing, managing, and rendering semi-structured content. They give the contributor tools for controlling the organization of a web site and the layout and composition of pages. However, when it comes to strictly relational, tabular data, …

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Diving into the talent pools

Even in this down economy, finding technical talent can be extremely difficult. Résumés are worthless. It comes down to this: programming is a craft but we don’t get to see the craftsmanship and creative process when we hire programmers. At least not before we narrow …

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Drupal for Newspapers

Readers of Drupal for Publishers know that Drupal has been very successful in the small to medium newspaper market. In fact, the Newspapers on Drupal group is assembling a list of modules commonly used by newspapers. This effort has been going on for some …

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You bought a web page factory, not a webmaster android

When a company builds a business case for acquiring a web content management system, a key selling point is this vision of business users being capable and willing to build the website of their dreams. In this dream, the webmaster and other technical staff …

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Plone 4 Features Announced

I was catching up on my blog reading and noticed that the Plone community has announced what features will be in Plone 4. Version 4 will incorporate 40 “PLIPs” (“Plone Improvement Proposal:” the Plone project’s issue/enhancement tracking system). You can see the list …

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Apache Software License, Hippo, and BlueNog

When I first got interested in open source software there was a lot of talk about the restrictions and liberties of various licenses and the risk that free-riders posed to the system. I have to admit that I never found these topics very interesting …

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Code moves forward. Content moves backward.

One of the primary functions of a web content management system is separating content from layout. Authors create semi-structured content in a display-neutral format and then the presentation templates transform that content to web pages for regular browsers, mobile browsers, RSS feeds, email, and …

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