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eZ Publish Fork?

Image credit: Malinky on Flickr
Sandro Groganz just tweeted a link to Kristof Coomans’s proposal of a community fork of eZ Publish. Kristof is about to be a former employee of eZ Systems Belgium and seems to be quite frustrated with eZ’s lack of progress …

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The Significance of on Drupal

Last week, I read Dries’s announcement about the site running on Drupal. I also though that was pretty cool but not worth a blog post. Instead I just cataloged it as an interesting Drupal site. Last night my friend Gregor …

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Jeff Potts recently announced the general availability of an integration between Drupal and Alfresco. The integration uses CMIS and could potentially connect Drupal to any CMIS compliant repository. While I would call this type of Drupal configuration experimental (that is, don’t try to …

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Django Contrib

Jacob Kaplan-Moss wrote very good post on the purpose of django.contrib. For those unfamiliar with the Django project, django.contrib is a tightly managed, highly used collection of modules (packages in Python). Contrib is not quite Django core, but much more part of Django …

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Iron CMS

George DeMet, over at Palantir, has thrown down the gauntlet. He will be hosting a SXSW panel where different CMS compete on implementations of the same website design and specification. There will be three teams representing Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress. Each …

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My Social Network "Friend" Policy

Note: this policy is now being managed on my personal site.  Please get the latest version here.  
Over the past few years I have joined several social networking sites and continue to use a few of them regularly. These sites serve different purposes for …

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Great Backyard Plone Count

Karl Horak, A.K.A. Schlepp, has started an initiative that he calls the Great Backyard Plone Count – GBPC. Modeled after the Audubon Society’s Great Backyard Bird Count, the GBPC attempts to survey Plone sites in the wild. The general idea is that everyone …

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Conference Schedule 09

This year I am trying to reduce my travel by limiting the number of conferences that I attend. But there are a couple that I can’t miss.

J. Boye, Philadelphia, May 5-7The jboye09 conference in Philly (May 5-7) looks like it is taking shape nicely. …

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James Robertson's Rule of CMS Usage

James Robertson has a great post called James Robertson’s Rule of CMS Usage. The rule is:
Over time, CMS usage will head towards the middle of the road.
What it means is that companies typically start out thinking that they have very unique requirements and select …

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Jahia Community Edition V6 Available

Jahia has some big news. As of today, V6 of their Community Edition is now available. This is a big release for Jahia on a number of levels. Architecturally, they have refactored the application to make it cleaner by removing Jetspeed-2 from …

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