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Vendor risk

Back in 2004 (I still can’t believe that I have been blogging that long!) I wrote a post that discussed the risk of buying into a web content management software market that seemed on the verge of a consolidation. A few months later I …

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Sex doesn't sell… at least not for FatWire

I regretted having to leave the Gilbane conference early because I missed seeing so many friends and colleagues but I had no idea I was missing this FatWire gaff of showing the Playboy as their reference site. I am sure that demo would have …

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Change.gov content under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Change.gov, President-Elect Obama’s transition website is licensing all of it’s content under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. I think that is pretty cool but I was wondering who owns that content anyway.

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Selection workshop slides

Yesterday I presented a 4 hour workshop on selecting a CMS at the Gilbane Conference. I was pleased with the attendance and the audience’s level of engagement. People were asking questions and making comments right to the end. Here are the slides. …

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Interwoven's FOSS FUD

In a throwback to 2003, the Interwoven blog has a post spreading some good old fashioned FUD about open source software. The general message is that, while the software is free, open source will wind up costing you more money in the long run …

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