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CRX and Tar PM

Thomas Müller has a blog post that nicely describes how the Tar PM works. Tar PM is the fastest of Day CRX’s pluggable persistence managers. The speed of Tar PM is a major reason why some companies go with the CRX rather than …

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CMS Selection Workshop

Last week I was a panelist in a jboye08 session called “Running a Web CMS procurement.” Jarrod Gingras from CMS watch moderated the panel that also included Graham Oakes, Piero Tintori, and Søren Sigfusson. It ran for 90 minutes and, quite frankly, we barely …

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Blogs, Wiki's, etc.

A couple of months ago a WCMS sales guy said to me that when hears the words “we are looking for blogs, wikis, etc.” from a customer it is a clear indication that the customer really doesn’t know what he is talking about or (at …

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CMIS in brief

CMSWire has a nice article briefly explaining CMIS. At this stage of the standards process, this level of understanding of CMIS is probably sufficient for most – especially if you are working in web content management.

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World Plone Day

Tomorrow (Friday November 7th) is World Plone Day (WPD). This event is held in cities all over the world to make Plone experts available to introduce and explain the platform. If you are considering Plone, this is a very good opportunity to understand …

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Novelty + Urgency = Chaos

Around a year and a half ago, I coined “Gottlieb’s law,” which I suppose should officially be a theorem because it has not been conclusively proven. It certainly hasn’t been disproved though. Because I will probably never be able to prove that “a company’s success …

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