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First Official Release of Sling

The Apache Sling team recently announced the first official release of Sling. Now you can download some nicely packaged Sling bundles to play around with.
I have been experimenting with the Sling/CRX bundle that came with Day Software’s JCR Cup 2008 competition (entries due midnight …

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Watch Out Webex

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I just got through a 2 hour WebEx session where I walked through my deliverable with my client. At $0.33/minute/person for a pay per use session, the bill probably came to around $120 (without integrated voice). That is actually …

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Python Gets Drupy

Via Boris Mann’s blog, I just learned about Drupy – a full port of Drupal on Python. Among all the initial reactions I have to this announcement, the one that screams the loudest is “why?”
Drupal is an intentionally, non-object oriented framework. Drupal does …

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Time Machine Restore

Although few people do it, restoring from backup is the only way to ensure that your backup and recovery system works. Since upgrading to Leopard, I have been using Time Machine to back up my laptop over the network (onto a and external hard …

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Book Review: OpenCms 7 Development

I just got through reading Dan Liliedahl’s book OpenCms 7 Development (Packt Publishing). I met Dan when I was at the OpenCms Days developer conference and was impressed with his presentation. Dan knows his stuff (not just about OpenCms – he worked for …

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Web Content 2008 Notes

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I am on my way back to Massachusetts after thoroughly enjoying my time at Web Content 2008. Thank you Scott Abel, Michael Silverman, and the rest of the Duo Consulting team for putting on another great conference. The event …

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There has been some interesting posts and white papers (for example, CrownPeak’s whitepaper “Open Source Isn’t Free (It’s not Even Cheap)” (registration required)) about the trade-off and relative merits of open source and hosted solutions. I think this is an important …

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I Use This

I have been on a Mac since I started Content Here a little over a year ago. The migration for me has been an unqualified success. I won’t go back. Here is a list of apps that have made the experience that …

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CM Professionals Interview

The June 2008 edition of the CM Pros newsletter has a short interview with yours truly. I was asked

What were the drivers behind your latest report, “Open Source Web Content Management in Java?”
You have published numerous reports addressing the intelligent selection of content management …

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Alfresco web content management team moving on

A few weeks ago I slid in a subtle mention that the Alfresco WCM team had some significant departures (I’ll say who it was now: chief WCM architect Jon Cox, and lead programmer Britt Park). Since then I have been wondering to myself how …

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