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Commercial Open Source

There are a number of companies making money “selling” open source software. These products can be very attractive to buyers who are considering using open source but do not want to give up commercial software accountability. When evaluating commercial open source options, in addition to …

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Malcontents: XML Publishing

I just posted the latest episode of The Malcontents podcast. Our guests were Rahel Bailie from Intentional Design and Scott, The Content Wrangler, Abel. We had a great discussion about the needs of content producers and how to maximize efficiency and quality …

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Drupal Meets Bricolage

Bricolage and Drupal are two CMS that I follow very closely. I like them both for very different reasons. Bricolage is a back-end only CMS designed to automate a publishing process and then write a static website (or populate the repository of a …

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BBC's 15 Web Principles

Brendan Quinn just sent The BBC’s Fifteen Web Principles to the CM Pros mailing list. If you want to think about how to leverage your content in a Web 2.0 world, this is a great place to start. One of the primary themes …

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Drupal 5.0 Released

It has been a long time coming but Drupal 5 is finally here. Jeff Robbins from Lullabot has a great screencast showing the new features. Key enhancements include better administration interfaces, more tunable caching, and integration with the popular Javascript library jQuery.

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Moderation Turned On

I didn’t want to do this but a recent explosion of comment spam has forced me to turn on comment moderation. I promise to approve your comment as long as it is not obvious comment spam.

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Top events and trends in open source for 2006

I have been meaning to blog about Dave Gynn’s webinar reviewing events that shaped open source in 2006. Seeing Dave’s post on his blog gave me the nudge I needed. There are a couple of content management points that Dave makes in this …

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CM Professionals Gets New Executive Director

CM Professionals will be getting a new Executive Director (press release). Scott Abel is a human dynamo and I am so happy that he will be filling this role. Executive Director is a paid part time position so Scott will have even more …

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Open Source Myths

Update: I posted my slides here.
I did a presentation called Open Source MythBusters at the Fall 2006 Gilbane Conference on Content Technologies in Boston. Gilbane still has not posted my slides but Toby Ward did a nice summary in his blog.

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Happy New Year!
I just heard about OpenEngagement: a Plone bundle designed for the accounting industry. OpenEngagement provides document and web content management services and has a portal to be used to share documents with clients. OpenEngagement’s revenue model is based on support …

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