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John Newton on the Commoditization of ECM

John Newton’s blog post on the commoditization of ECM was so good that I nearly stood up and clapped when I finished reading it. In this article, John talks about how ECM has become commoditized – not to the point where the business problems …

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Bricolage gets big boost from Google Summer of Code

David Wheeler from the Bricolage project just posted the results from three Google Summer of Code projects. It looks like the program was a success for Bricolage. Three contributors were sponsored: Marshall Roch, Christian Muise, and Andrei Arsu. These developers added …

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OSS Governance at Boston PHP User Group

Late notice, but if you are looking for things to do in the Boston area tonight, the Boston PHP Users Group will host Siobhán O’Mahony’s presentation on Open Source Governance. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. If you go, please blog …

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Excellent post on centralization vs. decentralization of IT

My colleague, Jeff Potts, just posted an excellent article on the tension between centralization and decentralization of I.T. I have had these same ideas rolling around in my head for a while but could not voice them as eloquently as Jeff did. So …

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My tack hammer is about to get just a little bit better

Zak Greant wrote in his blog:
It is interesting to note that Seth, despite being a CMS wizard (or perhaps, because of), uses Blogger for his blog. No point in using a 10-ton pneumatic press when a tackhammer (that someone else cleans and polishes) will …

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Sandro Groganz steps down from OSCOM

Sandro Groganz, from eZ systems, just stepped down as president of OSCOM after taking over from Michael Wechner when Michael resigned.
I think an organization like OSCOM has the potential to deliver great value and it is puzzling (at least on the surface) why …

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MTV UK on Drupal

Systems integrator and web design shop Lullabot is redesigning and implementing the British MTV site mtv.co.uk using Drupal. I find it interesting how Drupal, which has historically used as a digital community building tool (“Community Plumbing”), is turning into a real option for media …

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