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Commercial open source business

I was recently catching up on my blog reading and saw Matt Asay’s article Making Sales While Making Friends. Through his work at Novell and now at Alfresco, Matt has developed deep experience in this business so his thoughts on the topic of how …

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A new metaphor for living with open source

This morning I was meeting with a client and going over the list of outstanding issues. The client chose to wait on some low priority issues because someone from the community was planning on fixing the bug in the next release. There were …

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Content Management and Internationalization

The Fall CM Professionals Summit is going to be great this year. We are doing a much better job of early planning and advanced marketing thanks to the tireless efforts of Scott Abel and we have a great topic: Internationalization.
I don’t know …

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Someone else agrees with me about email

I was pleased to see that at least someone agrees with me about the dangers of using overusing email.

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Nice article benchmarking Joomla! and Drupal

I just saw this blog post by Dries, who is one of the lead programmers on the Drupal project. The article compares the performance of Drupal and Joomla!. The tests look pretty fair. The interesting finding is that, while Joomla! generates pages faster, …

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Managing Projects with Trac

[This is a continuation of a sporadic series that started with this post]
In open source projects, bug lists are not just to record of defects, they are often also the main organizing system for the project. Bug lists are where new ideas for functionality …

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Whatever happened to the URL?

Even back when I was developing websites in 1998, it was considered really amateur to use frames. One of the primary arguments against using frames is that they mess up book marking (that, and they cause the back button to behave inconsistently). …

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Usability and Intuition

I am going to stop using the word “intuitive” when I am talking about software and I think that everyone else should too. Judging from a Google search on my blog, I seem to be doing a good job of not abusing the …

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IBM agrees to buy FileNet for $1.6 bln

And the mergers and acquisitions continue…. As analysts have been saying for months, infrastructure companies are buying up the content management pure plays and calling ECM infrastructure. IBM recently announced that they are buying FileNet. That leaves Vignette, Stellent and Interwoven, …

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Optards in the Blogosphere

In case anyone was curious… There are a bunch of other Optaros people blogging. Here are some links of the blogs that I read (in no particular order):

Stephe Walli
Sebastian Wohlrapp
Dave Gynn
Jeff Potts
Wan Agus
John Eckman
Ady Das O’Toole
Eric Shea
Ben Menoza

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