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Open Source Contribution Policy

Following up on an earlier post. When a company starts thinking about contributing back to an open source project, it is best to have a policy that set ground rules for contribution. Here is ours.

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Results from Publishing Workflow Survey

The Content Wrangler has a posted some very interesting results from a survey on workflow. Some of the findings:

Bottlenecks continue to be a problem in workflow and many respondents feel that better automation would improve matters
The process is often hampered by people waiting …

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Contributing GPL Licensed Code Back

Recently, I have come across a number of articles that made the point that you need to be careful of using GPL licensed code because you may have to contribute back your improvements. I wanted to clarify this assertion because, in most cases, it …

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JSR 170 Approved

I was catching up on my Gilbane reading and noticed an announcement that JSR 170, the specification for the Java Content Repository (JCR), has finally been approved. Thanks and congratulations to Day Software’s David Nuescheler and the Apache Jackrabbit Team for pushing the JCR …

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Alfresco Closes $2 Million Seed Round Financing to Build an Enterprise CMS

Alfresco, a start-up founded by John Newton (co-founder of Documentum) just got $2MM in seed round financing from Accel Partners. They want to become the MySQL of Enterprise Content Management and promise an initial release of the product for download on July 27th 2005. …

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Zope Foundation

The Zope Corporation recently announced the creation of the Zope Foundation which is to be launched in October 2005. The Zope Foundation will be a non-profit that will oversee Zope community projects including Zope 2, Zope 3, and CMF. Copyrights of the Zope …

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New Article on ECM

My article on ECM for Cutter IT Journal just came out and is available here. I am sorry to say that you have to register on the website to read it but there is a no email option if you are worried about the …

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Open Source CMS and Google Summer of Code

There are a number of major open source CMS projects that are participating in the Google Summer of Code program. For those of you who are out of the loop, Summer of Code is a program where software developers are given a project …

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New Plone Book: PloneLive

There is a new Plone Book available: PloneLive 1.0 by Michel Pelletier and Munwar Shariff. What makes PloneLive really interesting is that it is a LiveBook that is constantly being updated. You can buy it print on demand for $44.95 from Amazon or …

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Two articles on the State of OS CMS

There are two recent articles on the state of OS CMS: “The State of Open Source CMS” by Gregor Rothfuss in the Cutter IT Journal which you need to subscribe to read; and “Straight from the Source: Open Source Content Management” by John Harney …

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