Evolutionary Software Development: A Model for Maintaining Web Sites and Applications

Since I got into software development back in 1995, I have been exposed to many different software development methodologies. I started out with a highly structured waterfall model (which is hard to avoid with fixed bid projects). Whenever possible, I have advocated agile approaches and …

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Chaining DNS Entries

Warning: geeky network admin post
I see a clear trend of marketing groups taking over full responsibility for their organization’s digital presence. This includes maintaining various publishing systems such as the web content management system and running the website hosting infrastructure. Once you go …

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CMS Adoption. Think Vertical, Not Horizontal.

“Adoption.” For years that word has been on the top of the list of critical success criteria for any web content management initiative. “This project will fail if we don’t achieve sufficient adoption.” The goal of adoption instigated the CMS industry’s usability crusade that …

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There is no partial credit in digital marketing

You sweated over SEO but forgot to set your robots.txt to allow. Fail.
Your content is brilliant but you can’t drive traffic to it. Fail.
You bought all the right keywords but your content stinks. Fail.
You have the content that a visitor wants but you show him …

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Step right up and watch me change this page! Blindfolded!

Over the years I have seen well over a hundred web content management system demos. I have even done a few myself. But it doesn’t take watching many demos before you notice that they all follow the same general patterns. “Watch me …

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Small Deployments

Last week, when we released a new version of Lionbridge onDemand, I was reminded of a valuable lesson: keep your deployments small. Up to that point, we had been upgrading the production environment on a regular basis — nearly daily. When a new …

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Deployment Timing for a Global Business

Global businesses operate on a 24 hour workday. No matter what time it is, somebody is trying to get something done – whether it be a customer trying to interact with you or it could be an employee trying to do her job. This can …

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Flexibility. It’s a matter of perspective.

In my many years of collecting requirements for content management systems, I can’t think of a single project where the word “flexibility” wasn’t on the initial list of requirements. This “requirement” seems harmless enough. What could be wrong with the system being flexible? …

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The Website is Launched, the Journey Begins

We have all been there. We launch a new website and, interspersed with general praise and appreciation, there are some hysterical complaints about trivial things like a word-wrap or a punctuation mark. The tone on these emails is similar to someone who just …

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The “Moving Truck” school of project estimation

Estimation has long been a point of embarrassment for the software development community. A big part of that is unrealistic expectations set by association with construction and manufacturing industries. Software is unlike building houses and widgets because every software application is unique and unprecedented, whereas …

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